The Vauxhall RoadTrip app downloaded over 3,500 times 0

Vauxhall’s intelligent smart phone application named RoadTrip has been downloaded over 3,500 times. The free app has an Apple Store rating of 4 out of 5, which is a very respectable score.

Useful for businesses

It has been used by many fleet companies to track business journeys. A common problem for fleet businesses or those who may have a few drivers is that claims are sometimes made time consuming and complex. The actual journeys taken are able to be viewed through a GPS system. Addresses are easily found with the phone clever postcode look up.

The useful application isn’t just restricted to Vauxhall vehicles. There is now a considerable range of vehicles in the line up.

Safely operated

The data is very well maintained too. Valuable information is able to be stored and backed up in a secure fashion with it being password protected. Reports are able to be imported directly to Microsoft Excel which will make it useful and a lot easier for appropriate departments to analyse.

Extended in 2012

For those of you without an iPhone, the Android version is available next year.

BusinessCar magazine award

The news comes as double success for the company as they recently celebrated receiving the best fleet manufacturer website by BusinessCar magazine.  It is quite a difficult award to win with the website having to go through quite an extensive number of tests.

Paul Barker, from the editor of BusinessCar said that the improvement of Vauxhall’s website left them no choice but to select Vauxhall for the award. He said “Vauxhall’s work to revamp its fleet website has proved to be well worth all the effort, with the revised site jumping to the top of BusinessCar’s chart,”

He went on to say how the RoadTrip app was responsible in helping Vauxhall win the award. He said “Our comprehensive review of the top car manufacturers’ online presence found Vauxhall’s site to be the best at serving the business car industry, and the company’s further investment in developing the RoadTrip app, suitable for drivers of all cars, shows how seriously Vauxhall is taking its digital presence.”

We already gave a preview to the RoadTrip just before it was released in our article named “Vauxhall’s new RoadTrip App” on the 23rd September. We predicted that it would be popular and it seems that we were not wrong.