Vauxhall smart headlight beams 0

vauxhall-headlightsMotorists may soon be able to direct their headlight beams with their eyes, according to the car manufacturer Vauxhall.

The company has announced it is in the process of developing such a system that tracks your eyes and automatically adjusts the direction and intensity of headlight to match the oncoming driver’s glaze.

The Vauxhall smart headlight system works by using an infrared camera in the car which focuses on the drivers head, and from that detects the movement of the driver and calculates their line of sight.

The new Vauxhall smart headlight system

Engineers at the company have also developed new adaptive lighting system to make seeing on the roads at night easier and safer for the driver.

The technology works by using one central camera and peripheral infrared sensors that scan your face 50 times per second during dark and night conditions, and adjusts the Vauxhall smart headlight beam to match the drivers gaze both vertically and horizontally.

Vauxhall also claim even if the driver is distracted and takes their eyes off the road, the headlights will still face in the direction the car is heading, while they can also adjust to different road and weather conditions for the driver.

More sensors to be added

The Vauxhall smart headlight system has sensors added on the outside of the vehicle which detects when you enter a tunnel, and automatically switches them on when you enter the tunnel.

A forward-facing camera mounted behind the re-view mirror also detects headlights and brake lights of other vehicles, which automatically adjusts your own headlights to prevent dazing the other driver.

However the Vauxhall smart headlight system is still in the development process, no release has been announced yet, although other Vauxhall models including the Zafira Tourer, Astra and Insingnia already carry the 1st generation of the system already.

Hearing from Ingolf Schneider

Ingolf Schneider, Director of the lighting technology at Opel, said the Vauxhall smart headlight system beams are still under development, but they had to overcome many problems.

He said the system was to prevent jerking from the driver’s attention mover from one side of the road to another in an instant.

‘To overcome this problem, we have successfully developed a sophisticated delay algorithm which ensures a suitably flowing movement for the light cone.

‘We’ve been pursuing this concept of controlling the direction and intensity of light based on where the driver is looking for around two years.’

This Vauxhall smart headlight system is being developed by Vauxhall/Opel’s International technical Development Centre , along with the Technical University of Darmstadt in Germany.